Custom Edible Wafers

Are you looking for a special custom edible wafer for a special event? Getting married? Or perhaps a special birthday like an 18th, 21st or a 50th like me this year!!! Nosh & Nibble now make custom made and personalised edible icing cake toppers. You can pop your name on top, or have your names surrounded by love hearts or even butterflies. You can have a short personalised message custom made just for your birthday, wedding or christening cake, or for that special occasion that you just can find what you want to say in the stores, cause sometimes its a little too naughty or riske or its a character that isnt as popular as others, or even your sporting team or a photo!!! You can print absolutely anything onto an edible icing sheet, its only restricted by your imagination!

Please message or email or phone to discuss the details as this is just an information page regarding our new product!



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